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If you've traveled rapidly over several time zones, you've likely dealt with jet lag. If you land at your destination in the evening, taking melatonin tablets can help you get a better night's sleep. Recovering from jet lag depends on the number of time zones crossed while traveling. With that in mind, here are the general guidelines: if you are traveling east, you must expose yourself to light early, advancing your body clock so that it will be in sync with the new time zone.

Melatonin is a hormone that plays a key role in body rhythms and jet lag. The body needs anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to acclimatise to the new time zone - approximately one day for each hour of time zone changes. When you finally arrive in China for the first day we will drink water to help our body adjusts then after the first day go have fun drink and eat all the great things in China.

2. Opt for overnight flights. If you're one of the rare individuals who can sleep soundly on planes, consider taking a red-eye night flight. Try not to miss sleep due to playing computer games or watching movies during your sleep target zones. She said: ‘Even if it's the middle of the night on your body clock, sunshine will help keep you awake.

Over 95% of travelers report suffering from jet lag, and the older we get, the more we are affected. Several days (at least four) before departure, gradually shift your sleeping and eating times to coincide with those at your destination. However, it only gives advice for the three days on arrival, regardless of the number of time zone changes.

Before traveling from west to east, go to bed earlier and wake up earlier for several days before departure. But avoid strenuous exercise close to the flight time if you plan to sleep on the plane. Jet lag is a type of fatigue caused by travelling across different time zones.

Travel: Adapt to a new time zone. To ensure quality rest, medications such as sleeping pills and melatonin are an effective option, but be sure to discuss with your doctor ahead of time ( Jet Lag and Sleep , National Sleep Foundation). Even the most experienced travelers dread the inevitable misery of jet lag.

One of the most important things about helping your travelers combat jet lag is giving them plenty of time awake in the new destination to take control of their schedule rather than having the urge to pass out immediately whether or not that's the best plan in the new time zone.

Moving through time zones can play havoc with our bodies, leading to extreme fatigue along with indigestion, bowel problems, loss of appetite, memory and concentration issues. Light exercise and the natural light will help re set your body clock. Again, if I travel accompanied by kids, I usually don't sleep at all on westbound flights.

Get outside - exercise, fresh air and daylight will all help reset your body clock and get you in sync sooner. When it comes to fighting jet lag, many frequent flyers swear by melatonin. Anyone who flies through multiple time zones has to grapple with the biorhythmic confusion known as jet lag.

So, it's not surprising that many business travelers told me that exercise was their secret to beat jet lag. When booking your flight, it pays to be mindful of the time you'll be arriving at your destination. The body's production of melatonin, Competition a sleep hormone produced by the pineal glad to signify to our body that soon it will be time for rest, affects our body's internal time measurement system.

Some sleep scientists conjecture that it can take up to one day per time zone crossed for your body to catch up to your new environment. In these cases, you're just tired from the flight, and a good night's sleep and perhaps some exercise will set things right.

Traveling across time zones disrupts your sleep. Don't prolong jet lag by reminding yourself what time it is back home. Sometimes it's hard if you arrive in New York City very early and need to stay awake all day,” says Schneider-Weiffenbach, but she knows she'll feel better if she syncs to the new time zone as quickly as possible.

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