Elgato Game Capture HD60 S Review And Test The Helping Squad

Younger audiences don't give a shit about television. This internal capture card has its own heatsink and a patterned external design which will help it fit in well with most high-end gaming rigs. 4K processing - As stated above, the Pro can process videos that are in a 4K resolution, which is a rare feature among today's capture cards.

Plug an HDMI cable (or Component cable) into the device you will be using to play. The prior model the HD60 only supported USB 2.0 and it's on-board H.264 encoder caused a lag between what was being played on the monitor and what appeared in the stream view.

There are a few on the market though, and for the uninitiated capture cards can be very confusing indeed. To compare: My Dell 2016 Ultrabook, with its minimal graphics processing, began to really struggle the longer the stream went on. On the other hand, my gaming desktop on the handled the HD60 S and the stream without breaking a sweat.

Another feature missing from the HD60 S, which the older HD60 boasts, is its own encoder, and so the HD60 S relies on your PC's hardware a lot more. The unit doesn't come with an installation CD (and our laptop doesn't have a CD-ROM drive so it would have been useless anyway), so instead you are directed to Elgato's website to download the required Game Capture HD program.

Elgato has an updated version of its popular game capture card, and they hit it out of the park. For streaming, Stream Command lets you add in your webcam, overlays, live commentary, and more. If you're looking for a reliable and most user-friendly capture card, the AVerMedia elgato software not working Live Gamer Portable can be your best buy.

HD60 S is always ready to save your most important moments, even if you didn't press the record button. This is where capture cards step in and take care of that part of the work. While other capture cards may produce lag while recording and gaming, there are no such issues with the H60 S. Users may record 1080p60 video while playing games lag-free.

A gamer using such a capture card could capture videos at 4 times the quality of 1080p, and get 60 frames per second throughout the recording. Not every gamer will require a 4k60 capture card, though. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S comes with a cute, sleek design that perfectly matches your next-gen game console and your house decoration.

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