El Libro del Eltjo Haselhoff "The Deeping Complexity of Crop Circles", es el primer libro científico popular acerca del fenómeno de los C.C's, que describe apariciones de patrones geométricos alrededor del mundo, campos de granjas, y otras áreas del terreno. Sin embargo, para beneplácito de los escépticos y posible decepción de los creyentes… Read More

This particular clip is dedicated to our favorite things to do about Tucson Arizona. You can uncover additional info about all the spots we filmed in the description below the video. The preferred spots of ours around town include:The Dive Shop [0:37 & 1:32] If you want to meet amazing adventurous Tucsonans, we suggest you start here. The Dive Shop… Read More

DLF now replicates this "Quality of Life" with infusion of modern infrastructure into a virgin green environment by launching Chandigarh's twin city - NEW CHANDIGARH. With all the auspiciousness and completeness of the number one and the sheer appeal of pure style, DLF introduce, New Independent Floors Hyde Park - conveniently located in New Chandi… Read More

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With passing of several years we witnessed a dramatic transformation in the lifestyle of the people and found ourselves lucky to have played a constructive role in this colossal evolution and re-wrote the rules of graceful living through our projects.Experience healthy living with abundant green areas planned well into the city landscape. Designed … Read More